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RETROBLOCK is a GameFi DAO project to revolutionize retro-style gaming competitions supported by Web3 technologies.

  • End-to-end transparency and user authentication integrated with multiple blockchain networks.
  • Tournament management and automatic prize distribution ensure secure and transparent transactions.
  • Integrated 3D NFT marketplace.
  • Vibrant community engagement.

Web3 Analytics

We are devising better tools for accessing and analyzing distributed ledger data

  • Semantic knowledge bases.
  • Ontological frameworks to structure ecosystems' concepts.
  • Custom dashboards, facilitating personalized and holistic exploration.


The MoonDash system encompasses a smart dashboard for market awareness, and a trading platform over a decentralized finance protocol to perform financial transactions.

  • Easy definition of investment strategies through controlled natural language querying.
  • Stock, crypto markets, and hybrid view.
  • Detailed asset overview, fundamental indicators, AI patterns.
  • Alert notifications, customizable feed filtering with content classification (bull vs bear).


MOBR is a research-driven company. Our goal is to push the start-of-the-art of technology while supporting you and your business expansion.


Explore how technology can drive research opportunities in your business.

We design project roadmaps, identifying research problems and conceiving solutions tailored to your business.

Tech Consulting

Want expert technology advice?

We provide expert reports and surveys, connecting your business to state-of-the-art software stacks. Take your business to the next level.

SW Development

In need of a piece of software?

Count on our expertise in AI, Web3 and cloud computing to develop specific software artifacts, or entire software stacks for your business.

We provide API offerings to support your software solutions.

IP Protection

We take Intelectual Property seriously!

If you need support for protecting your business' core ideas, we can help by breaking down processes and solutions, and identifying patentable content.


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MOBR was born as a binational company. We are currently based in Germany and Brazil.

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